Summary of 2022 

Last year witnessed a landmark in the history of the ORLEN Group. Our merger with LOTOS and PGNiG was a game-changer, propelling us to become one of Europe’s largest energy companies. At the same time, our updated strategy until 2030 has charted the course for the integrated Group’s long-term development. We are fully committed to leveraging the advantages that come with our new scale and business diversity.

Within the time frame of the current strategy, a sum total we have earmarked for investment is close to PLN 320 billion. This investment will not only drive the region's energy transition but will also double our profits, consistently building value for our shareholders. These endeavours are of utmost importance, especially considering the ongoing military conflict across Poland’s eastern border. In response, we have not only displayed solidarity with the war-afflicted nation, but have also accomplished a historic milestone by weaning ourselves off Russian feedstock supplies. All the while, we have maintained stability in all markets where we play a key role as a fuel supplier. This accomplishment reaffirms ORLEN's readiness to embrace change and our ability to seize opportunities that arise with it.

Daniel Obajtek
President of the Management Board, Chief Executive Officer

Key results 2022









net profit


Fitch rating


11.5bn (PLN 3.50 per share)

dividend for 2021


Moody's rating

Multi-utility group

In November 2022, ORLEN closed its mergers with the PGNiG Group (in November) and with the LOTOS Group (three months earlier).

Thus establishing Central Europe’s largest energy group ranking among top 150 companies in the world by revenue and serving more than 100 million customers.

ORLEN Group’s 2030 Strategy

    Major gas production operator

    • Maintaining gas exploration and stable production in Poland
    • Investments to ramp up production in Norway
    • Attractive international asset portfolio

    Reliable gas supplier in the region

    • New LNG supply contracts for Poland secured
    • Development a fleet of own and chartered gas tankers

    Operator of low-emission cost-effective refineries

    • Reduction of emissions through CCUS and energy efficiency projects
    • Implementation the operational excellence programme across the Group
    • Maximization of the benefits from the extensive international portfolio of refining assets

    Biofuel production leader in Central Europe

    • Ambitious growth in biofuel production volumes
    • Building a broad product portfolio through investments in HVO and bioethanol plants

    Manufacturer of advanced and speciality petrochemical products

    • Increasing the share of advanced and speciality products in the product portfolio, including through projects implemented in partnerships
    • Increasing the share of olefin derivatives
    • Maximising petrochemical yields (from cracking, FCC, etc.)

    Operator of an extensive portfolio of green petrochemical assets

    • Building a procurement organisation opting for bio and alternative raw materials
    • Creating infrastructure for processing bio-based and alternative raw materials
    • Developing chemical recycling (circular economy)

    Operator of low-emission gas-fired power plants

    • Expansion of CCGT units balancing the Polish electric power system and replacing high-emission coal-fired power plants and CHP plants

    Operator of modernised and extensive electricity and gas distribution network

    • Modernisation of power distribution grid in the face of higher RES capacity requirements
    • Modernisation of gas network based on sound operational and cost rationale
    • Development of gas source connections (including biogas and biomethane plants)

    Guarantor of stable energy supplies based on SMR technology

    • Development and operation of SMR reactors in partnerships
    • Monitoring of the SMR technologies market for industrial and municipal heat decarbonisation solutions

    Regional leader of the green transition with a broad portfolio of renewable assets

    • Development of offshore wind power assets, in particular in the Baltic Sea
    • Development of onshore wind power, solar PV and hydropower projects

    Major biogas producer in Central Europe

    • Expansion of the biogas and biomethane plants portfolio
    • Support for the development of a local biogas value chain by raw material management and integrating distributed assets

    Integrated producer of renewable hydrogen for industry and transport

    • Development of renewable hydrogen production and distribution assets
    • Development of hydrogen production and use technologies (waste to hydrogen and synthetic fuel production technologies)

    Leading energy supplier in the region

    • Leading supplier of energy products on the Central European market, investing in promising new mobility areas such as alternative fuels and e-mobility
    • Implementing an ambitious international electric mobility strategy with a focus on the Polish, Czech and German markets

    Maximising asset value

    • Maximising asset value to maintain high returns and finance the transformation
    • Operational excellence achieved through the development of competencies and deployment of state-of-the-art solution's in all markets


    Multi-utility leader with a customer-oriented offering

    • Meeting customers' fuel and energy in an integrated manner and using various means, including digital channels
    • Building a multi-utility offer based on the potential of the ORLEN, ENERGA and PGNiG Groups

ORLEN Group operational emission reduction targets

2030 targets


in absolute emissions from Refining, Petrochemicals and Upstream


in emissions intensity in Energy


in net carbon intensity (NCl)

2050 targets


in 2050 for Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, in accoirdance with the Paris Agreement

Pillars of sustainable development

We are leader of energy transition in the region.

Powering the future. Sustainably. We will become a green energy leader ensuring energy security at the same time. 


ORLEN Group 2022 Integrated Report

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